Sui Blockchain


Sui is a Layer 1 blockchain with a unique architecture.

  • Rather than accounts, Sui uses objects as it's basic unit of data storage. Objects can be owned, shared and transferred.

  • A single transaction can use outputs from an earlier call and used as an input to send a transaction. This can be done without deploying a new smart contract.

  • Chain transactions are atomic meaning the transaction will execute completely or fail. This is convenient for applications with multiple actions.

MetaMask Snaps

With MetaMask snaps, HyperPlay now supports Sui.

MetaMask Snaps is an open source system that allows anyone to safely extend the functionality of MetaMask. This includes:

  • Getting transaction insights

  • Receiving on chain notifications

  • Connecting to non-EVM blockchains

Any Snaps installed on MetaMask browser can be used in HyperPlay.

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