🖥️Developer Portal

During your onboarding session with our team, we will provide you with a direct link to our Developer Portal where you can publish your game.

Upon navigating to our Developer Portal, you will be greeted by the following Welcome Screen.

Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your wallet and create a Developer account.

  1. Click on “Connect Wallet”

  2. Select your desired wallet

    1. MetaMask Browser Extension

    2. E-Mail via Magic Link

    3. WalletConnect

  3. If you do not currently have a wallet, you can click on “Get a Wallet” to set one up

You will be prompted with a request to allow the site to add a network (polygon)

You must select “Approve” to continue to the next step

After selecting “Approve,” you will receive a request to change the network from Ethereum to Polygon. Select “Switch network”

You will then be prompted with a message requesting you to verify ownership of the wallet. Click on “Send message” to sign the message.

Next, you'll encounter a message asking you to sign in and complete the verification process to confirm ownership of your wallet.

It's essential to note that for security reasons, you ensure that the URI below the "Sign in with Ethereum to HyperPlay" prompt shows the Developer Portal URL.

Setting up your Account

Fill in your account information and add an image.

Please note the “Display Name” will be converted to an immutable username that will be saved in the registry smart contract. You can change the Display Name at any time, along with any other metadata.

After completing the previous step, select "Proceed to Add Members". This page will allow you to designate administrators who will have complete control over the account and all its games. Administrators have full privileges, such as modifying settings and uploading new releases.

You may use any wallet address or ENS name for adding admins. Your currently connected wallet will be automatically added as an account admin.

When you have finished, click "Complete Create Account". You will then receive a prompt to sign a meta-transaction (with no gas fees) to register the account:

If you wish to confirm the forwarder contract responsible for processing the meta-transaction, you may click "Verify contract details". This will reveal the contract's address and a link to its block explorer.

The correct address is:


Navigate to the "Create a Game" Tab at the top of this page to continue.

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